Friday, 25 May 2012

reasons to be cheerful

I saw this post and thought it was lovely...the idea started here and I thought I'd join in.

So here are my reasons to be cheerful this week...

  1. Someone bought me lovely flowers.
  2. Skittle looks cute in his sun hat.
  3. Cuddles.
  4. We booked flights to see this pretty girl and her parents.
  5. The weather is lush.
  6. We went to Church for the first time since Skittle arrived and had a nice nap to recover afterwards, sooo many people all in one place. Rather overwhelming.
  7. Hubby gives Skittle a bottle in the middle of the night one day a week so I get more sleep!
  8. I get to look at this all day.
  9. Maxi dresses and baby wraps.
I think I should do this more often, it's so nice to focus on the cheerful things in life!


  1. Lovely reasons, Gorgeous photos! x

  2. Beautiful, a wonderful set of photos. Memories to cherish. Lovely to have you join in. Mich x

  3. Amazing photos. Enjoy your trip to visit friends. :)