Saturday, 26 May 2012

dear baby

Dear Skittle,

You're getting really big. Every time I awaken myself to you, you've changed. I'm so worried I'm going to miss your early growth all together, I spend too much time being scared and not enough time embracing every detail of you.

Yesterday I put suncream on you for the first time. You seemed to like it. I've got to get us signed up for a baby massage class, I think it'll make me take even more notice of your little body.

I've been trying to remember all your sweet features. The things I'm really enjoying at the moment are your squeals, just the last 2 days you've started to make different sounds. They're gorgeous. And I'm in love with the way you scan me when I'm feeding you, your little eyes darting back and forth to take in mine. I'm loving early mornings when you first wake up and are so smiley. It's so cute when you get over excited about eating and shake your head before you start to swallow.

I don't want to forget these days baby. I love you. I'm learning to love you more and not be so terrified of losing you. I'm learning to drink in each moment instead of letting them pass me by shrouded in guilt. You're not fragile and sick now. Your home and you're growing and I want to absorb every bit of your wonder.

Sweet kisses and cuddles,

Muma xxx

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