Wednesday, 23 May 2012

he's not tiny anymore

We went to the dreaded health visitors drop in clinic today. We have to get Skittle weighed every fortnight but Lin, our lovely community neonatal nurse isn't due til next week. Managed to get there with only a few shakes and shudders of panic as we crossed the road and avoided conversations with anyone and everyone.

Why does everyone introduce themselves with "how old is he?" anyway?

In the waiting room I noticed something new. Skittle wasn't the tiniest. There were 2 other babies in the waiting room that were clearly a bit smaller.

I knew he'd had a little growth spurt, not least because he's been drinking like a fish this past week! For example, yesterday he fed almost non-stop for 2 hours before bed. I just hadn't realised how much bigger he was. Fact remains that at 15 and a bit weeks old he's average size of a 5 weeker but in my eyes he's a giant.

So today marks the end of tiny baby stage. Which I feel bizarrely sad about. I think it's because I know we're so unlikely have another baby. I said to hubby yesterday that if there's to be one vaguely "nice" thing about having a prem baby, it's that you get a little baby for much longer.

This week he's started to wear 'newborn' clothes, we've come a long way from the initial 'shrink-the-prem-clothes-in-the-tumble-drier-to-make-them-smaller' size!

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  1. Hooray! It's such a fantastic yet bittersweet moment when you realise that your titch is in everyone else's eyes just another baby growing up. It's one of the pluses of braving the outside to remember you don't have the smallest most fragile baby. I have said the same thing about having a prem baby-my "baby" is coming up to 2 and I still think of her as very much a baby as she is small, cuddly and not walking yet. But I like her that way :) Skittle is very beautiful, he will be breaking girls hearts!

  2. Oh he's so adorable.

    Yes, you do have them as babies for longer, enjoy every moment!

    I never enjoyed Joseph's baby hood I was too scared about the future and development and blah blah,, and now I have a way too clever 3 year old!