Wednesday, 21 March 2012

sweet baby boy

We've been so lucky to have such great cameras on our phones. The last 6 weeks we've taken more photos than ever before and they're pretty good quality and I'll be able to have them printed at good sizes if I want to. Still, I've been looking forward to getting the Canon out, putting baby next to the window, and getting some beauty shots. You know, the ones that show you moments in life in more depth, more detail.  One such moment came after an impromptu post nappy change bath. Looking cute and cuddly in a towel. Although clearly this muma didn't wash baby's mouth. Last day of photos with the feeding tube too. Hurrah.

Today was the first day we could take photos of his whole face. Capturing each and every expression, uninterrupted. Oh my, he's gorgeous.

Look at those sweet little cheeks with nothing stuck to them. And that sweet little nose with no tube stuck in it. Sweet baby boy.

Baby loves to lie on his tummy. I'm pretty sad that childcare guidelines say you shouldn't let babies sleep on their tummy, because this baby would sleep better I'm sure of it. In NICU he was almost always placed on his tummy because it helped his chest recession and supported his breathing.

He's already pretty strong. Strains to lift his head all the time.

This one's my favourite. So sweet. So much life. Totally overwhelmed by the fact that he's mine.

And this is where he fell asleep this morning, snuggled into my chest. I took a minute just to breathe him in, put my nose right down to his ear and let my face stroke against his and took some long, deep, melting breaths. Overwhelmed. That's me. Still. I really feel like I should be feeling stronger than I am. Don't want to waste any of Adam's paternity leave feeling this fragile. But you can't rush recovery and right now I'm just savouring every baby breath on my chest.


And finally, this boy has a super squint just like his muma.

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