Sunday, 25 March 2012

my mothers day

I really wanted Skittle home for Mother's Day. For some reason the thought of being home without my baby for my 1st Mother's Day just seemed like more than I could take. I was pretty sure God had told me he'd be home in time for 18th March but I couldn't be certain and I didn't want to get my hopes up. But he did get home in time! And it felt good. Not over the top just quietly wonderful. I was excited during the 3am feed and seeing as it was technically Mother's Day hubby let me have my presents there and then.

I got 2 lovely cards, one from my boys and one from my mum. Some gorgeous flowers and a personalised phone case with a photo of Mummy's boy.

And most excitingly, we went out. For the first time, we left the flat! We went to Trent Country Park and walked all of about 200m. But hey we can say we went for our first walk on our first Mother's Day and that's pretty special. That's a memory that'll last forever. Always to be cherished.

It was a bonus day seeing as Skittle wasn't even supposed to be around this year. And what an incredibly precious bonus it was.

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  1. wonderful, and i must say, you are rather talanted in the photography department!!