Wednesday, 10 October 2012

eight months

8? Really?! How did that happen?

The monthly photos this time had to be taken on my phone :( because our camera was in a box, or in the car, or in another flat, or in another land, we don't know where anything is!

The location was my parent's woodstore and Skittle was wearing a super cute little bear outfit that is nearly too small so we wanted to get some snaps before it was too late.

He's wearing little boots that his Great Grandad bought him the day he died. They're very special boots that sort of deserve a post all of their own. Sadly I thought they were bigger and they actually wouldn't fit on Skittle's feet...oh well, they're photographed now!

At 8 months Skittle loves to bang his hand on the table, the duvet, our faces, our hands, his muslin, anything he can get his little hand on really. He loves books, especially "that's not my" usborne books. He likes chicken and rusks. He has started to drink from a cup, although we all end up very wet and he swallows very little! He likes to shake his black and white book. He has a fantastic range of facial expressions and likes to scratch everything that comes near him.

Happy 8 months gorgeous boy!

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