Monday, 17 September 2012

big toys

Skittle is growing up. There's no doubt about it.  He's been starting to lift his head more and we thought it might be about time to progress from a lie flat play arch to a supported sitting play ring thing. We had a voucher left over from Christmas and thought we'd use it towards a new toy for Skittle, but ELC had a sale on so we didn't spend any of our own pennies...yippeee! Don't you just love shopping with vouchers!

Initially he was a little unsure about these new surroundings. But he quickly adjusted and gave us possibly the biggest smile ever. It was really nice to see him so happy because he's not been himself at all since being poorly.

It was so sad packing up his old play mat. We are never going to have another baby. Most people are talking about next time, packing up clothes and putting them in the attic, recycling toys and imagining what the future siblings will make of them. But we've already passed on smaller clothes, taken things to the charity shop and given away his play mat. I shed a tear and then was overwhelmed with thanks that our baby that nearly never was, is growing up.

Apparently no matter how many toys I surround him with, he'd rather just suck a muslin.

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  1. He has THE most gorgeous eyes. And looks so grown up and delighted by his new toy. I can't bring myself to throw away Alice's first play mats etc, it seems such a bit leap in their development as they move from toy to toy. Go Skittle xx