Wednesday, 12 September 2012

7 months

Every month we try and take some nice photos to mark Skittles growth. Seeing as it was a lovely sunny day and we're moving soon we thought we'd take some pics in front of our flat on the lawn. 

At 7 months Skittle has gained some head control and strength in his legs. He likes parsnip, cauliflower and broccoli. He can just about roll from his front to his back with a little help. He likes chewing his muslin. His favourite toy is Dafny the butterfly. He coos in the morning. He likes hearing us sing, especially in the car. He rubs his face when he's tired. And is all round super cute!


  1. Love that pic of you and him where he is standing up! ;) x

  2. They are such beautiful pictures. I love the same one as Leanna, good choice! Definitely one for a frame :) x