Friday, 8 February 2013

Matilda Mae

Dearest lovely Jennie
The mummy we all love so
Our hearts are breaking for you
More than you could know

Your pain is overwhelming
The grief so hard to bare
The world should stop its turning
To show how much we care

If we could lift your burden
Somehow lessen the blow
We would stand beside you
Holding hands, we love you so

This time you’re in, this darkness
This frightening new depth of despair
We pray you’ll find sweet peace around you
In time, a way to bare.

You’re heart is quite remarkable
Beautiful, sweet and tender
Inspiration in you, it knows no bounds
Shown for baby tilda.

Your blog posts simply stunning
The words you carefully choose
Show us your inner beauty
Unique and precious it’s true

Your darling sweet Matilda Mae
Smiling, beaming girl
She was too precious to stay here long
Far too angelic for this world

Her nine months here are treasured
In oh so many lives
The mothering you gave to her
The deepest love, it shines.

We’ve followed you on twitter
Checking how you’re doing
We’re looking at all your pictures
Emotional and moving

The mummy world is hurting
Wish there was something calming to say
Just know that we all hold you in our thoughts
Your family and sweet Matilda Mae