Wednesday, 23 January 2013

the hard part really starts

"Now the hard part really starts!"

Are you freaking joking?! I have spent the best part of two months separated from my son. My tiny son who we thought was going to die. And now I am counting down the hours until rooming in day and therefore being with him forever and you say to me "now the hard part really starts".

The look of utter disbelief etched into my face wasn't usually enough to inspire people to back track. Hubs was on the receiving end of this comment far more frequently than I was and as is his nature, was far more gracious than I was. My response was generally stare straight into their eyes and say sternly, fiercely and somewhat rudely "nothing is as hard as leaving your baby in hospital and coming home without them every night for weeks, I'm fairly sure it is only going to be easier from now."

And of course, there are, have been and will be forever hard bits, that's just parenting isn't it? But over the last year I still haven't thought of anything hard er than leaving your baby in NICU. So no, for me the hard bit didn't start with rooming in. For me it marked the fact that the very hardest part was over.

This post was inspired by the discussion Leanna from started over on Facebook about rooming in. Her post 'doors' is excellent, as is Christina's brilliant post over on ...if you're looking for something less petty than my ramblings!

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  1. Not at all petty. Quite unbelievable that someone would say that really. comments like this can make our blood boil and reinforce the sense that people really do have no idea. The result is us feeling iscolated and like no one understands. X x x