Monday, 11 June 2012

slow down

slow down baby slow down
wait for me to catch up

4 months old
how can you be?

i want to memorise you, your features, your sounds, your sweetness

you're growing so fast poppet - getting so big

do you know I'm your mummy?
would you know if I were to disappear?
how could I ever be good enough for you?


  1. My goodness he is beautiful-such arresting eyes!

    Time goes FAR too fast for very small people. Far far far too fast. Enjoy the soppy sitting and staring while you can. I went through a phase of 'sod-the-dirty-cups' and letting Wriggles nap on me so I could gaze at her and listen to her snorting and snuffling. Utterly impractical but now she is older am glad I took the time! x

    1. I do that now...he naps on me in the day, I've given up on the pram! One day he won't nap at all so I'm making the most of it x