Tuesday, 24 April 2012

due date party

I got carried away.

As Skittle was discharged before his due date it meant we were home and could celebrate. I wanted to celebrate in a kind of low-key, just the 3 of us, make it special kind of way. Then we decided as hubby was off for a few days we'd go and stay with my parents and we could celebrate with them, make a cake, light a candle - that sort of thing. Then the grandparents got involved, they wanted to see us, I really didn't want to end up driving around doing lots of visits so we invited them all over and suddenly we were having a family party with 12 people!

I got even more carried away.

I decided I wanted to be the one that made him a cake. So off to pinterest I went looking for lovely baby cakes. Got fixated on this one and set about trying hard to replicate it. It by no means looks anything like as professional as the one in the picture but it does at least resemble Winnie the Pooh and Piglet and for my first icing creation I thought it wasn't bad, even if I do say so myself. Once I'd got obsessed with Winnie the Pooh, that's it,  I was off. I made everyone a little invitation, bees out of icing, table decorations, bunting with Skittle's pictures of his development so far, even a welcome sign. Honestly!

We had a lovely time. It was overwhelming though. I was exhausted at the end of it and they only stayed for and hour and a half. But it was so special and I so wanted to celebrate him.

I have to admit, I sort of wish we had just been more low-key. I really struggled. I wanted to love every minute but it was a bit much for my fragile social skills to handle. Why did I do it I hear you ask? Partly because I'm convinced something terrible is going to happen and I'm going to lose him and not have a birthday party so I wanted to get one in just in case. Irrational, irrational fears. And partly because I felt deprived of a baby shower pre-birth and wanted to make up for it.

Grandma made scones. I love her baking. Maybe while I'm on maternity leave I could learn how to bake more than a packet mix cupcake (the Winnie-the-Pooh cake may have looked ok but boy did it taste bland and feel dry). My little sister made a baby cake. And clearly hubby and I decided blue was the colour of the day and accidentally wore co-ordinating clothing. Slightly cheesy? I think so. But hey I like photos of the 3 of us so I'll be ok with it.

We had 4 generations - 3 Great Grandmothers, 1 Great Grandfather, 2 Grandmothers, 1 Grandfather, 1 Step-Grandfather and 2 Aunties. The Grandmas had a big discussion about who was the most Grandma-ish. My Grandma won with 9 Grandchildren and 2 Great-Grandchildren. And now I have to stop before I write the word 'Grand' again.

And Skittle? Well he wore his little Roo suit in keeping with the occasion and mostly slept right through it snuggled up in the sling.


  1. Skittle is so gorgeous! He looks quite the star of the party.
    I think it is a lovely way to celebrate his due date. Even if it was overwhelming, you will hopefully!) look back in time and cherish the pictures of the family with all the generations together. Now you have had this big party I think you would be quite within your rights to ban any visits for a while though if you need some peace!
    I can empathise with the irrational fears about not getting a first birthday or something happening. You are so much on tenterhooks after NICU that much of the time, reason doesn't quite enter your brain as you are still on high alert. It will subside though and before you know it you will be whipping out the icing skills again!
    Happy due date, Skittle x

  2. Great part really skittle looks so cute and those banner of your welcome to 100 acre wood is outstanding.Pooh Baby Shower