Tuesday, 28 August 2012

when I grow up

Savouring you
Your little warm hand against my chest
Your sweet baby breaths
Your gorgeous nose
Your soft face pressed into my arm
Sleeping sweetly

I could have laid you down by now
But instead im waiting in the dusky light
Looking at you
All that is before you
All that you will see
All that you will do
All that you will think and feel and dream of
My baby boy

It'll go so fast
Time will no doubt fly
But as you grow up I want to savour you
Each special moment
Each ordinary day
My heart belongs to you
My time I give to you
To nurture you
Care for you
Create with you
Learn from you

There is no doubt in my mind darling
My precious boy
Next year
As you grow up
I will always do my best for you
I love you
The minutes are ticking by and I must lay you down to rest, but this evening I have enjoyed savouring you sweet boy

#whenigrowup is a campaign set up by tommy's to celebrate their partnership with ASDA to raise money to make sure more children get to grow up and fulfil their dreams. I'm a bit late to the game but the ASDA baby event is still on so go stock up!

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