Wednesday, 8 May 2013

turning a corner

This week on I <3 my preemie Facebook group, someone asked what people's experience was with PND. I quickly wrote a brief summary of the treatment route I had...

My GP sent me for counselling session at the surgery, counsellor assessed and talked to dr about anti depressants. Dr referred me to psychiatrist, put me on medication gradually increasing over the course of a month, saw me weekly herself and recommended a bit of fresh air, but hadn't left the house in five months so recognised exercise probably wasn't going to happen. A few weeks later, to avoid sectioning me, my GP signed my husband off work so that I wasn't alone for 2 months. I saw the psychiatrist who recommended a post natal therapy specialist, I booked an introductory session there (quite pricey but worth every penny), went there weekly for 6 months. Basically tried a whole combination of treatments and they all have helped in different ways...wouldn't have managed with only one type I don't think. Hope that's helpful, sorry it's a bit long, just wanted tot show you the process took quite a while xx

Actually it ended up not being that brief! But it just wasn't and I hadn't really looked back at the process before now and it surprised me. It was so awful back then. Sort of this time last year, May/June time was the worst. It was so dark and dismal and bleak. 

And it's taken a while to gradually emerge from that place of despair but in the last few weeks I can honestly say I think we may have finally turned a corner. Had a bit of a breakthrough. I haven't felt so blue, exhausted or negative. I've enjoyed things more and felt good. And that realisation makes me so happy and so grateful. 

Here's to more corners and more breakthroughs! 

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