Monday, 23 December 2013

Panic Attack

Last night I had a panic attack, first one in ages. Things have been so much more positive... Life has been moving on.

But the past few weeks I've felt it creeping all back in until last night it floored me. I felt a bit crazy. Like one of those women you read about in the news that kills herself due to PND. But that's not me and I dont know where those swirling thoughts sprung up from. I do know I need to get a good grip again before things get out of hand.

Trouble is, I have an awesomely supportive and servant hearted husband and the most placid, calm and cute almost 2 year old, so my age old question to myself is "what is your problem woman?"

One day, I will wake up, shake this off, snap out of it, move on, grow up and chill out. I just really wish that day had already happened. Evidently yesterday was not the day. But it will come, because I can't behave like this forever.